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Taken from talks given by Prof Anil Kumar in Singapore (10th May - 14th May 2005)

With all the comforts and convenience of that we enjoy today, in the present society, we do not have peace of mind. You talk to any rich man.  You talk to any man in very high position.  You talk to any man in exalted high position. He will be bearing a caster oil face as Baba puts it. Long Shakespearean face.  Why?  He has no taste of happiness in life.

Love for money.  Love for money is fear of death.  People think that money will save them from debt. No No No, money will hasten death.  Money would rather advance death. Money would never save us.

It is only the cheapest thing in this world which we love the maximum.

As Baba puts it, with money you may have a comfortable foam bed, but you cannot buy sleep. People with luxurious beds will never sleep unless they (resort) to certain other alternatives. We may have five star or seven star or superstar hotel, you may buy luxurious food, but you cannot buy the appetite.  Impossible!!! You may have heard of very costly medicine but you cannot buy cure

Somebody came to Swami and said, Swami I want peace of mind.  Swami said, where is peace to give you? You don't have peace.  You have peace conferences. International peace conferences.  But in reality only pieces and no peace anywhere.  Only pieces note.  Where is the peace of mind? Where is happiness?  Where is bliss? We don't find anywhere. God the super intelligent has got his own technique of hiding (this most valuable of things - Peace of mind).

Basic fundamental supply is freely available to man. Most precious things in life are totally given free of charge. Totally free. Oxygen cylinder cost about 300RPS or so even more.  How much of oxygen we must have been inhaling all through till this day. How much of money should pay towards oxygen we are inhaling. This is Baba's words. I know not anything other then what Baba said. Further Bhagawan also said, you pay money for a bottle of Bisleri water. How much of money you pay for the river water?  How much of money you are paying?  And you pay money for your air conditioners and fans. How much of money you pay for the cool breeze?

For the water, which is readily available, when it passes through some tubes we say water bill, water tax.  So all that God has given free of charge, man is able to successfully make business.  That's why we lost the charm of life. We have lost the charm of life.  We have lost the beauty of life because we want to take to life of business. But my friends, there are most precious things in this world. Love, beauty, sacrifice, truth, peace. Most precious gems in this world available. Alas we don't enjoy them.  We donít enjoy!!

God has hidden happiness within you. God has hidden bliss within you and we never look within. We never look within.  All our looks are outward. All our thoughts are outward.  Mind is outward.  Therefore, we do not know the springs of joy within. The spring of bliss within. We have no taste of it.  Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba has come down on earth today walking on two feet like anyone of us to let us know, oh man peace is within you understand that.  Bliss is within you realize that.

Swami how do I know that?  When it is within me why don't I know that?  Baba said, many people come to me and say I want peace. Three words, I Want Peace.  Remove I, that is ego.  Remove Want, desire Peace is automatically there within you.  Peace is within you.  Only thing we are suppose to do is remove I and Want. You are the embodiment of Bliss, you are the embodiment of peace says Bhagawan.

To tell you today my friends, most of us want to achieve something by taking to the path of religion.  Most of us want to be something different from what we are by following the path of religion.  No my friends.  Christianity clearly declares that kingdom of heaven is within you.  Sanathana Dharma says Aham Brahmasmi I am God.  Tat tuamasi that thou art.  You are basically divine that we do not understand it.

The role of Sathya Sai Baba today, is not to make you any promise, is not to entertain any hope.  It's to tell you what you really are. That you are the embodiment of peace.  That you are the embodiment of bliss.  You are basically essentially divine.  That's what Swami says.  This kind of approach to religion is very much needed to modern society than ever before.  If we say God is available on Saturday, I'm afraid we will all say oh God this is my weekend let me meet you next.  If I limit God to Sunday, well we may say to God, God this is my laundry day I cannot see you.

Somebody in US asked me, last year, there in Las Angeles, when can we expect Bhagawan in the United States of America?  I told them, even if Bhagawan is prepared to come now, you'll say not now Bhagawan, it's our weekend.  We have no time for God.  And tomorrow God will say I have no time for my dear son.  Therefore my friends, the first and the foremost point, which I want to draw your attention to, this present evening is, Bhagawan tells you your true identity.  Your true nature, your true self.  The very centre of your being.

We are carried away by our circumference.  We are drifted away by our periphery but we have not tasted the glimpse of divine.  Jyothi Sarma pitha jyothi samas sat paramoshathay.  That light of love, that light of sacrifice, that light of truth is the very centre of our very being.  Bhagawan wants us to think of that centre so we, your centre and the centre of anyone, and the universal centre is one and the same.  We differ in our periphery, we differ in our parameters but the centre continues to be the same.

We think that we can bribe God. Impossible! Impossible! We cannot do it. We want to offer our hair to lord Venkateswara, as if he is running short of it. He is responsible for your hair, so why does he want your hair after all? What is the reason behind it? The reason behind it is the hair, which gives some grand look to everybody. As we stand in front of the mirror and adjust our hair, 'Is my hair ok? I look handsome? No we are not!

The hairs that gets to your personality, and when once it is surrendered to god, meaning you come egoless. Offering your hair to Venkateswara means you are reaching the state of egolessness.  You are sacrificing your ego. We don't understand it.

One gentleman came to see Baba. He came with gold pens. He wanted to present that gold pens to Swami. He wanted Swami to distribute these gold pens to students. That gentleman approached me and said, Sir please tell Swami, that here are gold pens that I brought. And Swami may distribute to students. That was the earlier period of my stay in Brindavan. I was quite fresh to the campus. Those of us who were quite new to the campus. The earlier period was the honeymoon period. Our lapses and mistakes are well forgiven understand. But later on you have pay heavily later.

So I ventured and somehow went inside and said to Swami. Bhagawan, someone brought gold pens to be given to you. Swami said you take them and keep them with you. You have them. I don't want gold pens. Swami I too don't want it. But that gentleman wanted me to tell you. Then Baba said "are you the post man? Are you going to recommend cases? This is what Baba said, the bottom line. Understand that you cannot buy me, you cannot bribe me, you cannot corrupt me. No gold or diamond would ever make me come towards you. I want you to be the diamond. You are the diamond but not the diamond that you carry with you! That's what Baba said.

An old man is called for an interview. He was taken by surprise. He got into the interview room of Swami. Swami started looking at him. I bless you. This old man innocently said, Swami I don't deserve your blessings. I don't know why you bless me. No no no no, you are a man of service therefore I bless you. And this gentle man said, Swami I never served you. Then Baba said, Forty years ago when I visited your place, you're not anywhere around. You were standing at the gate, far away from me distributing water to everybody. Water distribution you did. You fed thousands of people. Don't I know your love for me! You say that you are not my devotee, but your service is the devotion towards me that's what Baba said.

My friends! Service is the best __expression of love. Service is the right royal role road towards Bhagawan. That is what we are supposed to do. But service with intelligence, service with skill, service that is needed, service that is most apt.

What we Sai devotees call Narayana Seva or feeding the poor. You cannot have Narayana Seva in America. All are Narayanas themselves. Lakshmi Narayanas, you don't get darithiraya Narayanas -the poor people to be fed. So Narayanas Seva, feeding the poor doesn't arise there. And you cannot give sweets or offer fruits to a diabetic patient unless to settle something between you. We should know how to serve, what to serve. Sometimes my friends a kind word, a generous gesture, a word of solace, a gentle look, an anchor of support, a sigh of release would be of immense service than any other form that you can ever think of.

The best way to reach God is service, to experience in His service. Because, we go in a different direction today. Service is the message of Bhagawan. How does he serve? How to serve. We must learn from him. We should learn from him. We serve in our own way. Baba's method of serving is fantastic.

Once in Kodaikanal, he was having number of cameras, Japan made cameras. He started distributing those cameras to all students and teachers around him. We were all happy and seeing how nice the cameras are though we don't know how to click. We were just watching how beautiful there are. But suddenly, Baba said, you are selfish fellows. We are selfish, why Swami? How about drivers? How about escorts, policeman that followed me? They too should receive these cameras. He called them in. Presented every one of them with the costly cameras. And then he looked at me and said, I don't observe any difference between you and peons. I don t have any difference between boys and the cooks. All are my children. All are my children said Baba.

Where do expect that nearness? Where do you expect that proximity? Where do you expect that love? When do you dream to experience that love, which is immortal, which is nectarine. Unless God chooses to come down in human form and move in our midst.

Bhagawan was talking to one boy quite frequently. When he starts showing special attention to one boy, naturally others feel jealous or envious. What should I say? Because this is not a property that we got it now. Ever since man is there right from Adam and Eve, we have got this jealousy and envy with us.

So when Swami was showing special attention to that boy. All started inquiring what it is you do? On one day Swami gave him a Cheque, the amount I do not know and he said boy go and join the medical college there at Bangalore. Swami gives a Cheque to a student to join a medical college. There are a number of students. He can as well give them Cheques. Why to this boy? Naturally our mind is after questions like why and why not?

That which bothers all of us, are these 2 questions, why and why not? Why should He give you why not to me? Why not? Why should He give you interview, why not? Why should He give you ring, why not? He got the cancer why not I get the cancer? We want to be towards the advantage of positive things all. We do not understand the reality. Sending that boy to go to Bangalore and report there and seek admission in the medical college.

Suddenly Baba turns towards us and said, this boy lost His mother. His mother's last wish is to make this boy a doctor. She died without seeing him as a doctor. Her wish is not fulfilled. I am the mother of this boy. Therefore I have to educate him said Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. That is the divine love.

If you pray to God, He will give what all that you want. Why that Swami, I want a transfer today. Ok you'll transfer. Tomorrow, Swami I want something else. Why that list? I want you. It is His job to take care of you.

Bhagawan gave people a beautiful example. It seems a king organized a museum. He collected most valuables from all over the world. He exhibited them in his palace. Most precious, most beautiful, highly attractive pieces of art are kept in the museum.  And he made a loud announcement all over the kingdom, look here, anyone can come, take anything they like, but one each. Alright, when things are freely given, then even the dead will rise up. So they all stood, queued and started receiving one one each.

One girl came and went round the whole museum and did not take one and was silently getting out. The King noticed from the palace. It has become a prestigious point. When I collect pieces of art from all over the world, how is this girl simply going like that? Does she not like anything here in my museum? They called her. Come on, don't you like anything? Yes my lord, I like, but I have one doubt. What is it? Oh king would you give me that what I ask for? Yes I have lots of things, I can give you anything. Then this girl said, I want you.

So when King becomes her husband the whole lot, wholesale business, the whole palace and museum belongs to her. To pray to god from a business management side is also profitable. You don't understand, it's a wholesale contract, that's all. Interest guaranteed, with no problems of inflation or deflation. Liberalization will not be affected. See that! When once god is by your side he will give you anything that you want.

Bhagawan distributed watches to students. The watches are very good, latest model, simply shining. I cannot simply keep it in my pocket. Shall I say thank you Swami? I get back now heavily. So what should I do? I cannot simply keep it in my pocket as if it is from my father-in law. Therefore what I did was I had the watch to my wrist and then sat there in the verandah, quite conspicuous to Swami and there is sunlight. I started moving like that because the dial shines brilliantly to catch his attention, something like floodlights of a lorry in the night. Swami
saw that from a distance and came to my close attention.

What is it you are doing? Why shaking your hand like that? Why? Why? Swami what wonderful watches You have given us. They are shining. Our faces are smiling, Swami. Thank you very much, but I have one doubt Bhagawan. Baba says, what doubt? You have a watch. Why again you want another? No, no no Swami I have one doubt. What is it? You distributed watches but You have none. You distributed sweets but you don't take one. You distributed new clothes to everybody, but You are one and the same. This time I am not able to understand, Swami. You know what Baba said, You have desires. I must fulfill them. You have dreams. I should see that you realize them. You have ambition. I should see that you achieve them. I have no desires therefore I am...(Indirectly conveying desireless-ness is divine)

Let me have only one desire as not to have any desires at all. After all as the holy bible says seek thee the kingdom of heaven and the rest will be added onto you. (Desireless-ness is divinity. Desire to be desireless.)

Jai Sai Ram

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