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Bal Vikas Rally in Panjim

22nd January 2006

On 22nd of January, 2006 , the day began with a beautiful Bal Vikas rally in Panjim in the morning. The sincere presentation made by the students was soul stirring and inspiring. The rally commenced with the breaking the coconut by the All India President of the Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation, Mr V. Srinivasan. More than 500 Bal vikas students, teachers & sevaks joined in the colorful procession on that day. The entire area of Panjim was surcharged with divine vibrations. The rally began around 8.45 am and culminated around 10 am at the Azad Maidan.

Further proceedings for the conference began at the Mangueshi Temple, Goa. The blessings of Bhagwan were invoked to provide an appropriate spiritual start to the event. This was done through Veda chanting and Bhajans.

The Theme of that day was the Implementation of the Message of Bhagwan through:

  1. Sri Sathya Sai Bal Vikas
  2. Adoption of Schools
  3. Study circle
  4. Sai Awareness Programme for Youth.

The following were the highlights of talks given on the above by eminent speakers and office bearers of SSSO. 

Sri Sathya Sai Bal Vikas

Speaker: Smt. Shanta Ramachandran, State Co-ordinator, Education. 

Smt. Shanta Ramachandran spoke on the need and techniques of making Bal Vikas a Way of Life. She stressed on the need to strengthen the Bal Vikas movement in keeping with the vision of making every home a Bal Vikas class, every mother a Bal Vikas Guru. For this she suggested adopting a holistic approach to Bal Vikas by intensifying the Guru’s personal Sadhana, inculcating transformation in the child and constant interaction with the parents. She also highlighted the importance of reviewing the achievements made in the past forty years since the inception of the Bal Vikas movement. Stressing on the importance of Bal Vikas as the very foundation of the Educare Programme she emphasized on not isolating Bal vikas as only a Mahila Vibhag activity.

Smt. Ramachandran further went on to suggest that the Youth Wing be merged with the Group 3 Bal Vikas and that they meet regularly at District, Zonal and State Levels to exchange ideas, make and review plans for Seva. She announced that the year 2006 will be designated as the Bal Vikas Year

Adoption of Schools

Speaker: Smt. Manorama Sathe, Zonal Co-ordinator

Mrs Manorama Sathe spoke about the EHV course and the adoption of schools. She stressed that each District had to adopt at least one school for EHV by the end of the year.  She also outlined some problems of teachers changing jobs, schools not being very supportive and highlighted the need to have an inspection team to research the activities and requirements of the school as also the need to  explain the Educare programme to the school authorities. She also highlighted the need for training of SSSO faculty and proposed an 18 hour training course for them.

Study circle

Speaker: Shri Murali Jaju, Zonal Co-ordinator

In his highly inspiring talk Shri Jaju spoke about the paramount importance of Study Circles in furthering Spiritual Development. He described that interaction during study Circles can help solve the numerous obstacles we face in adopting a Divine Lifestyle and following the teachings of Bhagwan. He also clarified on the correct way of conducting study circles stressing that study circles must be interactive and active follow-up must be done on the decisions taken and discussions made in the group.

Sai Awareness Programme for Youth.

Speakers: Venkatesha and Sangram.

An informative presentation was made on all the activities undertaken by youth all across Maharashtra. These included the various water projects in villages across the state, medical camps and other unique activities like forming of a milk co-operative in Phulgan Village, solar lights, anti-gutka campaigns in Chafewadi village, adoption of schools, Bal Vikas classes for street children, counseling and career guidance and many other projects.

The above was followed by a documentary on the Life and Message of Bhagwan Baba entitled: Love in Action. The film spoke not only about the great works of Swami in India but also the spectacular activities undertaken by devotees all across the world, in keeping with His message of Love and Service.

The Concluding session for the day saw Mr. Ramesh Sawant, State President SSSO – reiterating the need to make Spiritual Development as the Ultimate goal of every devotee and the need to regard the Organisation only as a means to achieving the end. He also highlighted the great place of Dharmakshetra in the Divine Mission and spoke of making Dharmakshetra a center for Spiritual Training enabling devotees to adopt The Divine Lifestyle.

The proceedings were rounded off by Shri. V. Srinivasan, All India President SSSO who stressed on the importance of Quality of work rather than merely achieving Quantity. He also stressed on encouraging youth to strengthen the future of the organization and appealed to all active members to attend Bal Vikas classes as observers to further their individual Sadhana to achieve The Divine Lifestyle.

The Conference came to a close with Aarti to Bhagwan.