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Gurupurnima News - 2005



brother deepak, so nice read your Gurupoornima, highlights, here is a version from a dear sai sister, that came to me.

When Swami arrived, we got a beautiful close look  at His smiling face from the car, and then on the verandah, as yesterday,  but we were closer this day. The Vedic Chants went on with the temple music together in their usual joyful cacophony and then all was quiet when proceedings of Gurupurnima began - with extra decorations including new three-tier silk umbrellas along each side of the exit in the centre.

First Mr. Srinivasan spoke of how Swami leelas are "exploding" all over  the globe, every day. He mentioned the healing of a boy with a hole in the heart, who was simply given vibhuti, next a woman with a cancerous growth on her face who came for Darshan and stayed for 12 days, at the end of which the growth had vanished. He also told of a terrifying fire in Canada, where many people's lives were endangered, but one fireman, in uniform came, and put the fire out very quickly, so that no one was hurt, and leaving only his name  - Sathya - disappeared! There was a fourth, which this moment I can't recall, but he spoke with such enthusiasm, it was inspiring to hear.

Next Prof. G. Venkataraman spoke on the meaning of Guru and Sadguru, and put across some original ideas in his usual brilliant way, yet one knows on these occasions, it all comes directly from Swami. I don't know who the next speaker was but he too spoke on the significance of Gurupurnima,  and lastly a student, who had only just been told to come and speak gave  some good stories and experiences in a short space of time so well,  considering that he was suddenly called like that.

At last, the moment came we were all waiting for, and Swami insisted on standing to give His discourse, which was so wonderful to see. The main points of His discourse were :  Whatever you do, good or bad, be sure  it will certainly come back to you. He spent some time on this theme. Then He stressed the need to pray for the whole world, and this again He reiterated. He said He was always ready to grant any requests we asked of Him, we had only to ask. He then went on to say that no one can live without water and that most of the water of the Godavari River simply flowed  out to the sea, while all the people on each side of the river, living in the forests there, were short of water and so He was going ahead with yet another water project there, to give water to 500 villages in East and West Godavari. He told how some people had gone to investigate the situation  in the forests and were told by some Naxilites there, thinking, I suppose, that they were from the government,  that they could not enter the forest without their permission but the Sai people told them they were sent by Bhagavan, and that He was going to supply them all with water from the river.

They had not heard of Bhagavan and so were very grateful to know that someone  wanted to help them. Swami said that not only the Godavari river is in His  plan but also the Krishna river too, so everyone is very, very happy to know He is again doing what no other government, British or Indian has ever done, in arranging this supply of water to needy areas. What is more, Swami announced that next day (July 22) not only the engineers from Larsen and Toubro, who carry out all Swami's projects, are coming to see Him, but they will bring the NAXILITES with them !!!!  

Finally Swami again emphasised the power of Bhajan singing and urged everyone, even silently, to have the name of the Lord ever in the mind and on the tongue, for with that He said everything is possible, so many times in the divine discourse He repeated that nothing is impossible to God, the word "impossible" is not in His vocabulary. Swami had been standing for about three quarters of an hour, when He  finally sat down and continued to speak for another 15 mins, sitting down. Of  course I may have left something out, but certainly those were the main points of the message. The morning was not finished yet. The Warden of Brindavan, Narasimhan Murthy a,ppeared and also Mr K.S. Rajan, Convener of the SSSBPT with trays with a book for Swami - Volume 5 of Sathyam, Sivam, Sundaram, the continuation of Swami's life story, begun by Kasturi, and now continued by Narasimhan Murthy, covering the years 1980 - 85.  It is a thick book, with 384 pages and many colour  photographs, but costs only Rs55/- Such a bargain! I also went to see the exhibition  on  Indian music they had mounted again here with Swami's permission.

In the afternoon, Swami came and we  had a short Darshan before His car took a turn and went out of the Mandap. It  is now Swami's habit to go out for a short drive in Puttaparthi every day, often both morning and afternoon. Sometimes He goes to the right, sometimes to the left, but people outside have a chance for His Darshan, who  never before had it. When He returned there was to be a performance in His presence of a drama "Rama Katha" by students of Prasanthi Nilayam Campus, hope someone will add the rest or much more!!!.


bro jayant

Posted on 22.07.2005


Just came out after having a spectacular darshan of our beloved lord.. It was very nice to be there.. last night prayed to Swamy.. to wake me up early and bless me with His darshan on the auspicious occasion of Gurupoornima.. Woke up around 4am after a quick shower, drove to parthi (luckily its just 10minutes drive from parthi). was surprised to see the crowd. it was full, people all over...

Half of the kulwanth hall was reserved for the  VIPs and students. The atmosphere inside the Kulwanth Hall was electrifying. the hall was (mixed fruit) jam packed... the gates were closed at 7am and any body going out were not guaranteed reentry again.

Around 7:35 Bhagwan came out amidst electrifying music by students of anantapur campus and also boys.. I thought He would come in the open car considering the rush, but He used His automatic car.. With the glass closed... He was hardly visible, people were standing up and raising their hands above their head, obstructing the darshan to people sitting behind...(which is very common in parthi esp during festivals)

Swamy then came on the stage, in the wheel (car) chair.4 speakers were blessed to speak in His presence.. By the time they finished it was 9:05 am and was wondering whether He will give a discourse... But His actions are always uncertain.. He was actually getting ready to give His divine discourse. hoping that He will be sitting on the chair and give the discourse.. a tall mike was brought.. But He asked to get His usual small mike and  the table.. I was surprised and was getting curious. Will He stand as usual. wow.. After everything was ready. He got up on His feet, while the two boys hold Him.. He looked normal, supporting Himself, by leaning on the table.. The crowd were clapping.. clapping. and still clapping. it was a hair raising occasion. its not that He never gave a discourse. its really a happy occasion to those seated there, to see Him stand up. People were now curious to Hear His voice. Has His tone improved. or is it the same. very low. like whispering.. He sang the  verse. as He usually does.. He was very loud. very clear.. And very strong.. (of course He is always like that, but sometimes our monkey mind gets carried away by His divine drama.. And . He is a great actor too.. Divine actor).. His discourse was mainly on KARMA... IT was nice to see Him using His right hand very often.. He was pushing the mike back and front every time..

Every human being has to undergo the consequences His past karma.. Keep this in mind and lead your life. this principle applies to every one irrespective of their status. caste. or country. every action will have its own consequences. and the results will be 10times more for every action be it bad or good.. It is God alone who can rescue you from the consequences of KARMA.. He can shower you boon.. He can rewrite your karma ..whereever  you are have Him in your hearts.. Do namasmarana. that's the best way, to have His krupa, karuna. Swamy's voice was very loud.. He was standing for 30 minutes until He leaned back into His chair. after a while He continued His discourse, which was again, very touchy. He said.. don't confine this avatar to this physical body.. This is beyond the body. He spoke about the water supply project taken up by our beloved lord in EAST GODAVARI AND WEST GODAVARI districts of Andhra Pradesh.. He said, tribals were devoid of drinking water, even though, the  Godavari river was flowing very close to them.. Interesting incident here.. Swamy send one MR.Kondal Rao and few officials of Larsen Toubro Company (L&T) to the forest area of the above districts, for survey(!), when they were in the forest, they came across Naxalites (for people who are not acquaint with naxalites, these people are the banned outfits by the government of India, for carrying out violence, killing the police, and innocent people, they usually live in the forests, with latest weapons, and they have strong support from the tribals, and many of the tribal youth are lured by the naxalites to join their outfit, to fight against exploitation) OK back to the story. the naxalites, stopped  Swamy's messengers and questioned them. how dare you come to our forest.. Who gave you the permission to be here... They very politely replied , Bhagwan Sathya Sai Baba , has sent us here, to help you, to give you drinking water.. They were so pleased with the gesture of Swamy, whom they  never met. might have read somewhere . and here He is ... sending His people to know their requirements. they guided the group.. and helped them.

Swamy said, the group ALONG with the naxalites are coming to parthi, tomorrow.. Ignoring the shoot at sight orders by the police .. WHY FEAR WHEN SWAMY IS HERE. How blessed they are...

After that Swamy said, the people of the above districts, prayed to Swamy, Swamy we don't want water, we want you to be healthy. You are every thing for us.. Swamy then promised ,very shortly, He will be visiting the two districts...

Swamy ended His discourse, reiterating the significance of namasmarana.. Be Brave.. Give away attachments.. nothing is permanent in this world.. Except the God. when ever you pray, instead of selfishly praying for your own welfare.. Pray for the plenty and prosperity of the whole world. do namasmarana... that will give you every thing you want ..

( I tried my best to remember the highlights of His discourse for you.... apologies if any mistakes rolled in)

Jai Sai Ram
satish Naik
posted on 21.07.2005